Tuesday, 26 January, 2021

The Twinning Health Program for COVID19

The Twinning Health Program for COVID19

The Twinning Health Collaboration on COVID19 


The ongoing conflict in Yemen has caused great distress in the country’s vital systems, specifically

the health sectors. The situation has made it near impossible for Yemen to be able to cope with diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, and H1N1 and then, the coronavirus COVID19. To curb these impacts, several organizations work to support the health system’s response. SMEPS was one of the first organizations to respond to this, finding where the gaps were and working to support the efforts of curbing the effects of the COVID19 through various approaches from community awareness to providing technical training and support to health staff all over the country. 


SMEPS implemented the “Twinning Health Collaboration on COVID19” which was designed to be an innovative approach that can be utilized to improve the clinical aspect of health service delivery in Yemen. This was done by partnering with health experts from world leading hospitals to support knowledge exchange and experience with Yemeni health practitioners Specifically

It was coordinated & facilitated by: SMEPS


Massachusetts General Hospital – Global health center,

Harvard Medical School (Logo)

Yemeni health workers from all over the country.


The collaboration contributed to:

a) Build the health staff capacity at public and private hospitals and laboratories

b) Improve the quality of health services in Yemen through sharing of experience and knowledge between the Yemeni health experts and Massachusetts General Hospital

c) Help assess initial responses to COVID19 and lessons learned for future possible waves of the virus.