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Wednesday, 16 December, 2020

Working With Passion

Amjad Qasim Shahra is 27 years old. He studied marketing at Taiz University and enrolled in Mubadara program in 2014. Amjad loved marketing. Mubadara program taught him new things about marketing and management. He gained many new skills and benefited a lot. Amjad was very social, and had many friends. He used to be involved in many charity work. His friend was planning to open a charity and needed some assistance. Since Amjad took Mubadara, he had enough knowledge to help his friend prepare a successful project.

Amjad decided to open a project of his own, since he loved marketing he was interested in the internet. He used to spend many hours surfing the internet. Amjad decided to open an internet store. He started doing the market study and calculating all his costs. His wireless internet project was established in 2017, Mubadara funded him with 5,000$ to help in the establishment process, and it was a positive push. His store succeeded and it’s still working till this very day. He made around 150,000YER monthly with a net profit of 50,000YER a month. Amjad created job opportunities in the process, hiring 2 employees at his store. The Wireless Internet Project is a private enterprise established in the field of commercial services in 2017, which was funded by Mobadara program of $ 5,000, which has so far continued with a return of 150.000 riyals and a net profit of 50.000 riyals and has 2 employees. Amjad now has a source of income, a work to do and he is definitely happier now.