BRAVE Women Project

Business Resilience Assistance for Value-adding Enterprises (BRAVE) for Women

Donor: IsDB ,Sector: Multiple


BRAVE WOMEN PROGRAM aims to enhance the resilience of Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) owned/managed by women in fragile context as potential engines for innovation, employment, and improved quality of life. The program attempt to support female owned/led businesses and address barriers to women entrepreneurship in selected value chains in Yemen, Mali and Nigeria, three of the most vulnerable countries in Africa and the Middle East. The Program will complement ongoing initiatives in these countries, with an emphasis on women only skills training and access to finance scheme, aimed at boosting entrepreneurship and job creation within fragile and conflict settings.


The BRAVE Women is under the WeFi intative. 

The objective of We-Fi is to address financial and non-financial constraints faced by women-owned/led small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in We-Fi eligible countries.[1] We-Fi aims to achieve this by mobilizing more than one billion United States dollars ($1 billion) in commercial and International Finance Institutions (IFI) finance for entities that provide women entrepreneurs with access to debt, equity, venture capital, insurance products, capacity building, networks and mentors, and opportunities to link with domestic and global markets; and for governments to improve the business environment for women-owned/led SMEs.


We-Fi is established as a Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF) at the World Bank.  We-Fi finances projects, programs, and activities that are aligned with its objectives and principles, as laid out in its Governance Framework and Operations Manual. The governing and administrative bodies of the We-Fi are its Governing Committee, the Secretariat and the Trustee. Implementing Partners support the implementation of projects, programs and activities under We-Fi. Together, these are referred to in this document as We-Fi’s key “partners.”




  • Enhance the resilience of the private sector, as the engine of sustainable growth, against the impact of ongoing conflict.
  • Support businesses women to grow their businesses and grow



  • Increase MSMEs performance and operating system to support their sustainability and growth
  • Increase MSMEs knowledge on risk management and business sustainability


BRAVE Women Project