Livelihood Support for Damaged Communities

Livelihood Support for Damaged Communities

(February 2021 - May 2022)

This project aims to restore the livelihoods of the affected population in the vital sectors through meeting the immediate needs of households and communities in the short and immediate term while linking longer term resilience building efforts for these value chains. This will be done through implementing fast-disbursing interventions that serve as a rapid response; providing households and communities affected by the conflict with technical skills and financial support to utilize resources better and procure necessary items to make value chains more productive. The intervention will give communities the opportunity to restore livelihoods by increasing production and income and improving the quality of products and services. It will also help these families through increased income to improve access to basic services and connect communities by bridging the development gap in emergencies.


  • Targeted Governorates
  • Al’Dalee, Abyan, Lahj, Aden
  • Sectors
  • Agriculture, Livestock, Fish
  • Beneficiaries supported so far
  • Farmers                                                         566
  • Livestock Breeders                                      657
  • Fishers                                                           295
  • Landing sites (Built & Rehabilitated)        6
  • Bio-Gas beneficiaries:                                 27
  • Total                                                              1,551


  • Project Value    $4,459,863