Emergency Livelihoods Support – Phase 1, 2

Emergency Livelihoods Support – Phase 1, 2

(January 2019 - April 2022)


This particular project was designed first as a pilot intervention with the World Food Programme, (WFP), on moving towards more livelihoods support and compliment the humanitarian efforts to tackling food security crisis. The main aim of the project was to support communities in the targeted areas to increase food production, strengthen household access to food security and increase household food consumption. It targeted women livestock breeders, large ruminant holders to increase production of milk and other dairy products. Women were provided with the needed skills and training on proper breeding methods, proper methods of producing dairy products and access to markets for buying inputs and selling their products, increasing their community presence and participation. In addition, the project provided short-term job opportunities to men and women in the targeted areas to improve household incomes through food for assets, (cash transfers), on building and rehabilitating community assets to restore agricultural land, increase soil and water availability, enhance food productivity.


As a result of the project 1st phase achievements, the project has been scaled up, targeting new sectors and new areas to improve smallholder producers’ livelihoods in vital economic sectors and to support their recovery after years of conflict. The project delivered the benefits to the wider community by increasing household production, productivity and income, and improving the quality of products and services available to them.


  • Targeted Governorates
  • Sanaa, Al-Mahaweet, Taiz, Ibb, Hadhramout, Lahj
  • Sectors
  • Agriculture, Livestock, Fish, Food for Assets (FFA)
  • Beneficiaries
  • Farmers                                   407
  • Fishers                                     400
  • Livestock breeders                953
  • Community workers            5,591
  • Total                                       7,351


  • Project Value:                       $6,000,830