Supporting Resilient Livelihoods and Food Security in Yemen

Supporting Resilient Livelihoods and Food Security in Yemen

(Sept 2021 - Feb 2022)


This project was developed with ILO to support women-affected communities by building their capacities on Entrepreneurship, where they can be economically and financially resilient hence increasing their economic opportunities to start-up their own businesses.  The project aims to empower women in decision making, strengthen women’s voice in their households and communities, aid in creating new job opportunities, improve the quality of existing jobs, improve quality of locally produced products and services hence improving the standard of living for benefiting households and communities through better access to basic and vital services. Therefore, contributing to stabilization and peacebuilding efforts.


  • Targeted Governorates
  • Abyan, Taiz and Lahj
  • Sectors
  • Different Sectors
  • Beneficiaries
  • Skills developed for rural women and cooperatives:                 578


  • Project Value:                        $290,826