The Sustainable Fisheries Development in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (SFISH)

The Sustainable Fisheries Development in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (SFISH)

(2022 - 2025)

The SFISH project aims to improve the productivity and resilience in Fish value chain with the goal of creating job opportunities, improving livelihoods and food security, and household nutrition. This will be done by providing direct technical and financial support to MSMEs, business cooperative associations and lead firms in critical fisheries sectors to sustain their impact in sustaining demand of products and services in the sector through technical support, institutional strengthening, risk management, financial & administrative support, business advisory & consultancy services, business continuity management & asset transfers. Provided support will help restore the ability of the target MSMEs, Business Associations and Lead Firms to increase productivity, production, generate income, and create jobs, while increasing the supply and access to basic food commodities in the targeted communities.


Targeted Governorates

  • Al Mahra, Aden, Hadramaut and Taiz


Planned Beneficiaries to Target

  • Smallholder producers                               1,500
  • MSMEs (Youth & Women)                         1,200
  • SMEs                                                              3,880
  • Fish Cooperative                                          5
  • Lead firms                                                     5
  •  Total                                                              5,115


Project Value                                    $ 28,475,000