Yemen Food Security Response and Resilience Project (FSRRP)

Yemen Food Security Response and Resilience Project (FSRRP)

(2022 - 2024)

The project aims to serve as a scalable platform that offers a combination of complementary short-term and medium-term activities to strengthen food security in Yemen, as well as flexibility for adjustment to the evolving food security situation going forward. The project focuses on building the resilience of Yemeni households to food security crises and improving household food security and nutrition by increasing food availability, access and utilization in the project areas. The project components will be closely coordinated in the project areas to achieve the project outcomes. SMEPS will implement the related activities under increasing production and sale of nutritious products (livestock/dairy, horticulture, Farmer's organizations' groups, food processing, fisheries and Fisheries cooperatives) through an innovative, participatory and interactive learning approach. This will be achieved by building the capacity of project beneficiaries to adopt the most suitable practices and new technologies to their production systems. To ensure high technical performance, FAO will build the capacities of the selected field technical teams in the targeted Governorates.


Targeted Governorates

Taiz, Sana’a, Al-Hudaydah, Dhamar, Abyan, Lahj


  • Food Processing, Livestock, Agriculture, Fish

Planned Beneficiaries to Target

  • Small Women Dairy Groups                    33  (5 members)
  • Pioneer Women Dairy Groups               40 (10 members)
  • Collecting Centers                                     7  (20 members)
  • Seedling Centers                                       7  (20 members)
  • Agro-Processing Women Groups          40 (15 members)
  • Fisheries Cooperatives                            6 (50 fisher)
  • Total                                                      133 (1,745 members)


Project Value                                    $ 512,645.03


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