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Obaid Baadil is 26 years old. He studied accounting at the University of Hadhramout and enrolled in an Mubadara program in the year of graduation in 2014. Obaid acquired many new skills in project management and preparation of plans through Mubadara’s curriculum. The best thing he learned out of Mubadara adding to his personality is the motivation to always develop himself. Obaid helped one of his friends prepare a work plan for a sewing shop project and used an entrepreneurial approach. He also prepared a plan for his own business in the commercial sector selling goods. Obaid decided to open a supermarket. He studied the market and found it as an opportunity. The Obaid is a supermarket established in 2015, funded by Mubadara by $ 5,000. Obaid likes his name a lot, because he believes its unique. So, he named his supermarket with his name. His supermarket now has a capital of 8,000,000YER. The total monthly revenue is 6,000,000YER and the net profit is 600,000YER. The project works throughout the year with 2 male employees and the average monthly salary given to them is 60,000YER.

All since Obaid started his own supermarket, he developed himself. He started knowing better about each aspect in the businesses world, from dealing with suppliers, to the art of dealing with customers. Obaid is a young entrepreneur.

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