About the project:


WBOT is the first Arabic written business management training curricula for Arab women. The curricula produced by SMEPS and the ILO is now being scaled-up to reach 2000 women through a network of women NGOs and private sector training institutes. Due to conflict, training temporary ceased in March through to August, but resumed in September in the following 12 governorates: Sana’a, Hodeida, Mukalla, Ibb, Sayoon, Abyan, Ammran, Hajjah, Al-Mahweet, Almahra, Dhamar and Aden. During the conflict 1435 businesswomen have been trained and a further 1000 women have received business advisory (consultancy services) delivered by qualified women business consultants through the use of smart phone applications. The same 1200 women have attended the follow up workshops to discuss the achievements and constrains.

Smart phone discussion forums using WhatsApp have proven a successful tool for business networking and collective advice. There are common cases where a collection of mid-wives has made business errors regarding stocking on medicines. The business advisors have been able to treat this single issue through the ‘group chats’ addressing many mid-wives with business solutions within the space of the “couple of minutes”. Women business owners are also able to open up one-on-one sessions with the business advisor and discuss specific issues in greater detail.


  1. Entrepreneurs
  2. Business Women
Dhamar and Aden.



Projects Objects:

  • Raising the awareness of management training courses importance for businesswomen through open seminars.
  • Conducted many workshops for institutes in five governorates.
  • Held meeting with MFI, MFI, NGOs, COC in 7 governorates to raise a database with the targeted group.
  • Selected 6 more training providers beside the previous 4 institutes in Sana’a for WBOT training in (Aden /Mukkulla/Taiz / Hodida) under the criteria of the program.
  • Sign 19 MOUs with different institutions of MFI, NGOs, COC and women institutions.
  • ToT course for new trainers from different governorates specialized in WBOT program to spread the program in new areas.
  • Promotional campaign to reach a new target of women with different businesses and from different cities.
  • Conduct 74 training courses for 1735 women business trainees.
  • 630 business women joined the consultancy services in its different methods and 973 attended the follow-up workshops.
  • Refresher workshops for 15 trainers who took the last TOT.
  • Conduct Master TOT for 18 female trainers to build their capacity and complete WBOT ToT cycle.
  • Monitor and evaluate the project to measure the success of the project.

Projects Outcomes:

  • Chance given to new cities in WBOT training.
  • Capacity building for new partners in new governorates.
  • Give chance for women association and free lancers businesswomen to be involved in the training program to improve their management capacity.
  • Give a chance for new target group businesswomen owners of the health sector to be involved it the training.
  • Many success stories achieved by the training resulting in enabling the businesswomen in managing their own businesses.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation process gave a background about the strength and weakness to improve and met some successful stories of the training for 300 businesswomen.



Target Governorates