Vocational and Business Skills Training Project

Vocational and Business Skills Training Project

(February 2021 - June 2022)

The project aims to strengthen the resilience of youth to overcome shocks and enable them to move towards alternative livelihoods to conflict & improved human capacity hence improving their access to basic and vital services. This follows the project theory of change which assumes that if livelihoods are improved through improving youth skills, capital, incomes, production and productivity, targeted communities in rural areas will be more resilient and will be able to effectively cope with the current unemployment, food insecurity, health, nutrition and poverty and they will be strong drivers of recovery and peace building efforts. In addition, they will contribute to food security and access to markets of the most vulnerable households in poor communities. In addition, supporting entrepreneurs will lead to creating new jobs for youth themselves which contributes to addressing youth vulnerabilities and providing alternative livelihoods to conflict. 


  • Targeted Governorates
  • Hadhramout and Lahj
  • Sectors
  • Food processing, Textile & handloom and Maintenance
  • Beneficiaries
  • Food processing                            490
  • Textile & handloom                      356
  • Maintenance                                  193
  • Total                                               1,039


  • Project Value:                        $2,175,009