Like branches on trees, we grow in different directions but our roots remain one
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Improving Livelihoods.. Improving Lives
The gentle hands that welcomes you to this life, Your first superhero ..
She grants life, and spreads a feeling of safety #InternationalWomen’sDay

We Support

Beneficiaries through cash transfer programs and analogue grants for companies, or providing the equipment needed to support continuity and growth. These companies often provide basic and vital services such as health services and food.

We Empower

Beneficiaries to be solution makers, to take initiative and make decisions. Share rewards, motivation and strength with the community so they can improve service and performance

We Train

People to improve their performance and help them achieve the required level of knowledge and skills. The training improves their understanding of developing their business and ideas






During the conflict that began in Yemen since 2015, the Agency was flexible and adaptable to successive crises, but it remained strong in its mission to be a tributary of development in Yemen by supporting existing small and smaller projects to remain resilient and continue to survive and grow. The Agency has found innovative and effective ways to deal with and respond to field requirements by designing programs and projects that provide immediate assistance while providing long-term sustainable solutions aimed primarily at supporting Yemenis in obtaining a source of living with dignity.

Humanitarian-Development Nexus

In the middle of conflict, SMEPS was flexible and adaptable to the crisis yet stood strong by its mandate of development in Yemen; believing in supporting existing micro and small enterprises to remain resilient and continue to grow. SMEPS found innovative ways to respond to the crisis; designing programs and projects that provide immediate assistance while providing longer term sustainability solutions; supporting Yemenis live with dignity.

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